July 19, 2019

BREVNER releases his IKIGAI Vol. 1 project with accompanying video for his single "Will you go out with me? (Hidzuke)".


Created under the strict creative guidelines that recording artist Matt Brevner challenged himself with, each track from IKIGAI was imagined, produced, tracked, filmed, edited and completed within a 24 hour day. 


Ikigai, roughly translated, is a Japanese word that eludes to a reason for being, encompassing joy, a sense of purpose and meaning and a feeling of well-being. Sent reeling from a personal loss and falling out, Brevner leans back on his familiar relationship with music; searching for ikigai in his life. 


“I was getting reno-victed and was planning to move away and the opportunity to work in this beautiful production space came up, so I took it. I was definitely depressed and angry and probably a little bitter about everything; my personal life, my work, I was just mad at all of it.


I knew I had to create (music) to feel normal again. Ikigai is meant to be a format, like a journal entry, like a day in the life. It also proved to me that I was worth something, being able to go somewhere (artistically) where no one could follow me. I do this because I have to, not for any other reason.”


Stream IKIGAI Vol. 1 and watch the video for "Will you go out with me? (Hidzuke)" below. 





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