March 14, 2019

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Action Bronson’s White Bronco Tour brought a show of passionate lyricism to Harbour Convention Centre on a Wednesday night. The tour commemorates Bronson’s hip-hop album, White Bronco, that was released last November. Supporting Bronson was Vancouver local DJ Billy Bishop and rapper Meyhem Lauren.


To open the show, DJ Billy Bishop played with remixes of hip-hop songs which were beyond crowd pleasing. He put his own spin on things, with the selection of songs arising from a refined palate of hip-hop, ranging from Kendrick to A$AP. There was barely even a pause between the acts when Meyhem Lauren stepped on stage. Each artist came out right after the other, keeping the excitement in the room going all night. Both Lauren and Bronson hail from Queens, New York and their styles are evidently similar, reflecting East Coast hip-hop influence with emphasis on flow and lyrics. Meyhem plays a quick but energy-packed set, hyping the crowd with songs like “Badmon Ting” from his album Piatto D’Oro.


Action Bronson took the stage giving a soulful performance with songs like “White Bronco” and “Prince Charming”. Bronson also pauses to give a shoutout to Mac Miller before playing “Red Dot Music”, a song by Miller that Bronson is featured on. He ended his set with “Easyrider” from his album Mr. Wonderful. Bronson does it all: he's a rapper, chef, reality TV star, and author. He’s known for being ruthlessly hilarious, and that was made clear from the show. “Don’t fucking touch me,” Bronson says to a fan in the front row who reached for Bronson’s shirt. “Don’t fucking touch my abs.” It was evident that Action Bronson does not take anyone’s shit, nor does he waste any time.


Bronson's set comes to a close, and he vanished, seeming to disappear from the stage without a trace.




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