January 20, 2019


Following the release of his Apple Music documentary THE WIZRD, Future dropped his seventh studio album titled Future Hndrxx Presents: The WIZRD featuring Travis Scott, Gunna and Young Thug.


Alongside previously released tracks “Crushed Up,” and  “Jumpin on a Jet” Future comes hard with a 18 more solid tracks.  


Read up on the 10 Best Captions To Use on IG From Future's The WIZRD below. 

 First off, we had to blast off like a rocket - First Off


- You're lit and your whole crew is lit. 


 I make Yeezy Boost moves in my Reeboks  - Never Stop


- When you're rocking a fresh pair of Classics, use this caption.


 Tryna show you love but you don't feel me - Never Stop


- You know you're too nice. 


 See, you trollin' and that shit not weighin' up - Jumpin On A Jet


- Send some subtle shots with this caption. 


 Ten chains on, Lucky Charms, I'm the shit - Crushed Up


- *Insert number of chains here*


 I just took an AK to a dinner date - F&N


- Don't actually do this, it's just a lit lyric. 


 M.O.H., money over hoes  - F&N


- This is a great default caption for when you can think of anything else. 


 I'm on that pretty boy shit, yeah, I'ma just stick to the models - Stick To The Models


- Pretty girls, pretty caption. 


 I don't do side bitches, they all my bitches - Krazy But True


- When it's you and a few bad bitches in a pic. 


 I came straight from that mothafuckin' dirt, but then I had conquered this - Unicorn Purp


- Started from the bottom? Let your followers know this glow-up wasn't a cake-walk. 


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