December 4, 2018


Meek Mill is back with his second solo release this year and follow to his Legends Of The Summer EP. The album holds heavyweight features from Drake, JAY-Z, Young Thug, 21 Savage and Kodak Black with production from Tay Keith, Wheezy and more. 


You know Meek came with the bars so we picked out our favourites below. Check out the 10 Best Captions To Use On IG From Meek Mill's Championships. 


 Poppin' like Bad Boy in '94, Big Poppa and Diddy - "What's Free"


- For pics of you and you BFF stuntin'. 


 'Cause bitches are hurt, D. Rose - Cardi B "On Me"


- Oh, they big mad. Let 'em know you see 'em though. 

 Big bag, got 'em big mad - "Respect The Game"


- Yuuup. You makin' money, and they steady hating. Use this caption to flex a little green. 



 Playin' with my name, that shit is lethal, dawg - Drake "Going Back"


- Just a lil' warning. 


 You ain't livin' that shit you say, yeah, we know that's cap - "Going Bad"


- For pics of you really livin' livin'. 


 I knew that it would come to this, I seen it like a psychic - "Almost Slipped"


- Feeling sentimental? Use this line when you're in your feelings but not too deep. 


 When you crossed me, you lost me, can't let you cross me twice - "Almost Slipped"


- Jheeez. Let your followers know you're not to be played with.


 I just been havin' it, lovin' this money, I'm passionate - "Wit The Shits (W.T.S)"


- Ok, so you making paper and you wanna show off a 'lil. Go off for the 'Gram with this caption. 


 I got a fetish for gettin' this cheddar - "Stuck In My Ways"


- More quotes to flex your blessings. 


 This that Hermes money, this ain't no Fashion Nova - "Dangerous"


- 'Cause you stand out from the average. 



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