October 17, 2018


Photo: @dxwntime


"I smoke, I sip, I drink" - Tory Lanez


10/17 is the new 4/20 for Canadians as we officially become a weed legal country! While Canadians have been smoking under the radar for a minute (especially the West Coast) some of your favourite celebs have been advocates of the green, regardless of legalization, with zero shame. 


We grabbed a list of some of our favourite famous Canadians who smoke trees on the regular via Instagram. From artists to producers to actors check out our list of 10 Famous Canadians Who Smoke Weed below. 


1. @champagnepapi


"Still straight with the weed and the liquor these days / Cause the new drugs got these kids trippin these days"  - Own It


 2. @nav


"Smoking Super Cookies I might fly away" - NAV


 3. @SethRogan


Three icons. One pic. 


 4. @murdabeatz


Murda on the beat...but first...


 5. @belly


"I drink I smoke / And who the fuck care smoking on this kush till it taste like air" - I Drink I Smoke

6. @bakanotnice


"Light the spliff, watch it burn" - Dope Game

7. @roywoods



"Backwoods rolled right before I touch road" - Involved


 8. @pressa.armani


"Smoking on that lala / Glizzy sound like lala" - Deadmihana

 9. @killy



"Smoke that gas / Car don't need no gas" - Live Your Last

10. @tashatheamazon


"Blowing O's in the Poconos" - Picasso Leanin



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