October 10, 2018

MANILA GREY has cemented themselves as the frontrunners in the new emerging hip hop scene of Vancouver. The duo have released three new singles produced by long time collaborator azel north.


The singles, “Leakz”, “Specialize” and “Change Me” showcase the versatility of the rap duo, and their inner thoughts as they navigate their growing music careers.



“Leakz”, a dark street record that explores doubts, fears the duo currently faces. The song plays the role as a time marker for the group - backed by a haunting organic synth singer-songwriter Soliven sings, “Icons we just might be, Icons we just might be, I know they all tryna smite me, That’s unlikely.”

“Specialize”, arguably the brightest record out of three, Neeko and Soliven seamlessly work together to paint a picture of their hard work and self-belief. The song features a mid-tempo, electronic, new-age vibe that is very much in-line with MANILA GREY’s current sound.

MANILA GREY and azel north elevate their sound with the record "Change Me". "Change Me" is a hard hitting R&B song with distinct spacey and metallic production.


The duo consist of singer/songwriters Soliven, and rapper Neeko Francisco. The pair has linked up with producer Azel North (stylized “azel north”) and crafted a unique sound. The group of three are responsible for writing, arranging, producing, and mixing the entirety of their currently released music.


Listen to all three tracks below. 





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