September 14, 2018

Killy follows up his debut album Surrender Your Soul with a 5-track EP KILLSTREAK. The project packs a strong punch into 13 minutes while Killy provides some solid quotable bars.


Check out our favourite lyrics to use as your next caption below. 

 Zeroes, need dineros, in my country, I’m a hero - "Chupacabra"


- Subtle flex, nbd. 

 Look at me, too fly for no thotty - "Anti Everybody"


- When you're looking way too fly, choose the right caption to go with your next pic. 


 Anti everybody, get high, get more money - "Anti Everybody"


- For when you're focusing on yourself. 


 Scared money ain’t never made you no money, stay in my own booth, stay economics - "Anti Everybody"


-  Or when you're focusing on your bag. 

 If she give me problems, cut the bitch off like machete - "Earned It"


- Because you don't have time for bad vibes. 


 Manuever with the slimes, never sticky - "Earned It"

- Day ones only. 


 \You can't come and party, sorry, I'm not sorry  - "Hellraiser"


- For party pics, and throwing shade, use this caption. 


 Hey, get to the bag, poppin' these tags, I do my dance - "Hellraiser"


- Celebrate your blessings. 


 My life so crazy, delusional, feel like a movie role - "Beautiful Pt. 2"


- It's a movie, fam. 

 I can’t feel a type of way no more - "Beautiful Pt. 2" 


- When you're becoming a better you, you need a great caption. 

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