August 9, 2018

 Photo: @mvschamp


Following a long list of openers ranging from local artists Louis Rain & Itsdrip, Ackeetecumseh, Softieshan, and Illyminiachi, Smokepurpp took the stage at Venue Nightclub after a much anticipated wait. As soon as the crowd heard "Okay, 1-2-3, yeah… " a circle opened up on the dance floor and rowdy Smokepurpp fans enjoyed some of his biggest hits during his short but energetic set.


While the venue was not entirely packed, there was a significant amount of room left for people to jump around and take the performance in. Smokepurpp had everyone moshing and singing along to hits like “Bless Yo Trap” and “Audi,” as well as some of his earlier songs like "Ski Mask." Although the show ended quite abruptly, fans were ready to make their way home after an intense 30 minutes of ignorant excitement. 














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