June 17, 2018

Nardwuar met up with Ski Mask the Slump God before his performance at Breakout Festival 2018. Pulling out obscure information that even Ski Mask had forgotten about, there is a lot to learn about the rapper and his influences, family and past. 


Nardwaur and Ski Mask had such a great interview that he joined Ski Mask on stage to hype up the crowd during his performance. 


Find out ten facts we learned from Nardwuar’s interview with Ski Mask below. 




1. He spends a lot of time learning and growing with Busta Rhymes. 

Nardwuar: Have you learned some Busta tales from back in the day?

Ski Mask: Really and truly there’s a lot of stories that Busta has told me from like going to Jamaica and being in Jamaica, it’s just wild stories that I wouldn’t want to put to the public, but other than that he’s just been giving me advice on life and music and shit, he’s a really cool dude.  


2. His dad was a rapper.

Nardwuar:: Ski Mask the Slump God, what about your dad? Your dad was a rapper?

Ski Mask: Wow, yes my dad was a rapper, from Florida, not to many people know about him that’s crazy.

Nardwuar: What was his name?

Ski Mask: His name was Sin City.


3. All his references come from things in life that matter to him.

Nardwuar: What can you say about the references you use? It’s amazing!

Ski Mask: All my references come from shit that mattered in life to me when I was younger or shit that just mattered.


4. He loves Dutch pot

Nardwuar:: Dutch Pot…

Ski Mask: Fucking love Dutch pot, you that n**** for that, I love Dutch pot  


5. He got kicked out of high school

Nardwuar:: Ski Mask, what about Coral Springs high school?

Ski Mask: Wow, what the fuck, I went to Coral Spring High School and I got kicked out of high school for selling fake lean, haha


6. His old manager was a porn star

Nardwuar: Your old manager was a porn star?

Ski Mask: Yes, my old manager was a porn star, a very big one too.

Nardwuar: What was his name?

Ski Mask: Bruno, Bruno Dickens. 


7. He runs into celebrities in bathrooms.

Nardwuar:: I know you met Nas in a bathroom

Ski Mask: I did meet Nas in a fucking bathroom, how the fuck you know that, I met Nas in a bathroom and this n**** is washing his face and I’m sitting there like what the fuck I started tweaking 


8. Missy Elliot is a big influence for him.

Nardwuar: You mentioned before Missy Elliot 

Ski Mask: This is a big one, Missy Elliot actually recognized me from my ‘Catch Me Outside” song where I remixed one of her songs and this is one of my big idols, and influences in the game


9. He’s lost fifty-five thousand dollars’ worth of jewelry over 2 years.

Ski Mask: Honesty for like two years it’s been like fifty or fifty-five [thousand] dollars’ worth of jewelry. I lost my grills twice, lost rings, the Revenge Tour was crazy. 


10 People should care about him because he’s genuine.

Nardwuar: Why should people care about Ski Mask the Slump God?

Ski Mask: People should care about Ski Mask the Slump God because I’ve always been genuine from the beginning, never did any clout endeavors to get my popularity up and I make fire ass music, that’s about it.

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