June 14, 2018


BREAKOUT Festival took place at the PNE Amphitheater this past weekend and was hopefully first of many to come. 


This festival broke ground as Timbre Concerts and Crescendo1 teamed up to bring Vancouver its first ever all hip hop festival as well as the first festival in years be thrown at the PNE location. The concert tickets included Playland ride passes and featured strictly local Vancouver artists as mid-day openers. 


Although there were some missteps, including the unfortunate last minute cancellation of the festival headliners Migos, BREAKOUT was a success and the setbacks will only be taken as lesson learned by BREAKOUT organizers and promoters. 


For every fan out there who faced disappointment, there were multiple fans who had the time of their lives. And for that, best believe that BREAKOUT will be back and it will be better than ever. 


We put together our favourite moments from BREAKOUT 2018 but the top list we should include the fans, patrons and supporters who made this event the success that it was. Thank you to everyone who attended for making this a historic event for Vancouver and the West Coast. 


Check out our list of the Top 10 Moments From BREAKOUT Festival 2018 below. 


 Photo: @dreamsofvz


 1. Johnny Black hyping up the crowd.


- The legend, father of Crescendo1, and co-founder of the BREAKOUT Festival put on a unbelievably lit hype-man performance and got everyone ready for ILLYMINIACHI’s set. 


2. Ski mask climbing the stage railings. 


- Ski mask put on a wild performance of one his most famous song’s with XXXTENTACION “Take a Step Back” where he managed to scale the stage railings and simultaneously rap the chorus. 


3. YBN Nahmir getting swarmed at the PNE.



- YBN agreed to hang out with Instagram contest winners and was mobbed by excited fans while trying to get on a ride at Playland. 


4. Tory Lanez crowd surfing. 


- Tory Lanez gave an epic performance (as usual) finishing up Day 1 by crowd surfing/walking through the BREAKOUT crowd. 


 5.  ILLYMINIACHI’s performance of “Imposter”.


- Vancouver-based artist ILLYMINIACHI brought his whole gang on stage when he performed his fan favourite song “Imposter” and gave a dope rendition that including spraying the crowd with water. 


6. Ski Mask The Slump God bringing Nardwuar on stage during his set. 


- Ski showed love to Nardwuar by bringing him out on stage to start a “Ski Mask!” chant. If you haven’t watched Nardwuar’s backstage interview with Ski Mask, get your life together and go watch that now.


7. 6lack performing at sunset.


- 6lack took the stage on Day 1 and gave an amazing and personal performance as the sun set over the PNE crowd, casting everything in pink and resulting in possibly the best photos of the weekend. 


 8. Juice World and Ski Mask freestyle backstage.


- If they drop some music together, remember that you heard it at BREAKOUT first.


 9.  Ski Mask partying in crowd during Tory Lanez set.


- The Slump God made everyone's night even better when he hung out in the crowd during Tory Lanez’ opening songs.


 10. Lil Pump finale.  


- Lil Pump closed out Day 2 with an unforgettable performance highlighted by his most famous songs “Gucci Gang” and “Esskeetit”. When the crowd rapped every word and was completed with strobe lighting and cannons of confetti 



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