June 14, 2018

A 16-minute interview left Juice WRLD in absolute shock at the volume of obscure knowledge Nardwuar was able to dig up. Dropping lines Juice didn’t even remember himself, Nardwuar didn’t miss a beat questioning Juice with personal and reminiscent questions making for a charming and upbeat interaction and learning experience for fans. 


Find out 10 facts we learned from Nardwuar's interview with Juice Wrld below. 



1.He was put onto classics like Billy Idol by his mother as a child, a huge influencer of his own music. 


Nardwuar: I have a gift for you, a signed Billy Idol record from 1982… Do you like Billy Idol from this era?

Juice Wrld: Bro what? yes, hell yes, bro this is like one of my biggest influences. My mom put me onto him she loves Billy Idol like… this is raw as fuck. 


2. He used to skip classes about 3 days a week, but his last semester he was only absent for three days! He credits 100 BMC (100 Black Men of Chicago) for this improved attendance.


Nardwuar: Juice Wrld used to skip classes about three days a week...

Juice WRLD: Facts.

Nardwuar: Last semester however, the teen said he was absent for two days… The reason for this improved atte..

Juice WRLD: Shoutout to 100 BMC, like, they helped me a lot they helped me get through school they taught me things like just growing up and you know how to maneuver through the environment you know as the world… guidance, you know, the best guidance I ever had. 


3. He wore Supreme before it was cool, even back when he looked like Arthur 


After Nardwuar presents him with an old photograph of himself, Juice responds with;

Juice WRLD: Ay, but even though I look like Arthur I was still fresh as fuck ain't nobody was wearing 'Preme back then. 


4. As a freshman he free-styled on his school radio show, kitchy catchphrases and all. 


Nardwuar: Quote: “People say I’m crazy, but my bars going in-”

Juice WRLD: -sane!... My school had a radio show and when I first decided to become a rapper I was on there, and I would like freestyle. 


5. Huge fan of the novel I Am Number Four, however very disappointed by the film adaptation.


Juice WRLD: Bro that was like... so I read the book first and I watched the movie afterwards, it was the biggest let down ever, but the book was really good. I’m probably gonna reread it now that we’re talkin’ about it. 


6. Envy Art Entertainment was his first recording studio, where his friend Will helped him record classics such as his hit "Lucid Dreams".


Juice WRLD: Shoutout Will from Envy Art Entertainment that’s like he really got me going that was like my first real engineer... I recorded “Lucid Dreams” there, I recorded “Moonlight” there, I recorded “Sticks and Stones” there. It’s just like a memorable place for me for sure, shoutout envy art. 


7. Aurelio’s pizza is his favourite pizza spot in Chicago, and his order is a pepperoni and sausage with extra sauce.


Nardwuar: What about Aurelio’s pizza

Juice WRLD: Oh man that’s the shit… If you’re ever in homeboy or just in the south suburbs in that area; Aurelio’s pizza, get pepperoni and sausage with extra sauce it’s fire as fuck you will not regret it. 


8. “Like Mike” will always be a top 3 favourite movie for him.


Juice Wrld: This is literally like in the top three and it’ll never move it’s spot like no matter what movie I watch, like for me, you know what I’m saying. I can like watch a bro-ass movie it’ll never take the place of this “Like Mike”, this shit is like legendary I could watch this 100 times in a row. This shit could be looped on my TV forever and I would be happy and that is a fact. 


9 He has a positive outlook on life.


Juice WRLD: Everybody stay positive no matter how negative life gets.


10. He’s changed his mind about women.


Juice WRLD: Remember, all girls aren’t the same anymore, ‘cause I got a girlfriend, so...

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