April 30, 2018

Photo: @kasskills


Vancouver BC - Jorja Smith gave a electric and intimate performance at the Biltmore Cabaret on Saturday evening that left a sold out audience in awe of her immense beauty and talent. 


The night kicked off with a opening performance from 19-year-old singer/songwriter Ama Lou who sang tracks from her debut EP DDD that set the tone for the evening.


The tense and excited crowd collectively lost their breath when Jorja Smith took the stage looking like a real life angel. Backed by her band she wasted no time opening strong with renditions of “Something in the Way” off her Project 11 EP followed by singles “Where Did I Go” and “Teenage Fantasy”. 


She moved on to perform some unreleased music from her upcoming album Lost & Found which will be coming out on June 8th. She showed off her range of artistic abilities performing new songs like the socially conscious rap infused “Lifeboats” and an a emotionally personal ballad to a lost friend called “Goodbyes”. Jorja ended the show with the upbeat fan favourite “On My Mind”. 


If you were one of the lucky ones who got to experience Jorja Smith at the Biltmore on Saturday, know that you witnessed something special. The level of intimacy that the small venue provided as well as Jorja’s authentic and relatively unscripted and un-choreographed performance was an experience like no other. If you missed out and are wondering if she is really as beautiful as she appears through snapchat videos and Instagram photos, she is. In fact she’s definitely prettier. She’s on her way to superstardom and this performance is one Vancouverites in attendance with cherish for years to come. 























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