April 13, 2018

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Vancouver BC - Roy Woods gave a classic performance on Thursday night as part of his Say Less tour while making his Vogue Theatre debut for his first all-ages show in Vancouver. He was accompanied by new to the game rapper and artist Boxx and local Vancouver DJ Sailor Gerry.


The Toronto native is no stranger to the Vancouver scene and reflected during his set on his early days partying and performing intimate sets at Fortune Sound Club. He swears that Vancity is his favourite place in Canada and one of the most beautiful places he has ever seen in the whole world.


Roy Woods took the stage backed by three screens playing artistic visuals from his music videos and other scenery clips. He opened strong with fan favourites including “Get You Good” before moving into “How I Feel” and “Down Girl”.


During his rendition of “The Way You Sex” his made all the girls in the crowd scream when he took off his shirt and showed off his signature dance moves made famous by his first viral music video “Gwan Big Up Yourself”. 


He finished off his set with a inspirational message to all his young fans at the show. He reminded everyone that he wasn’t too much older than them (he’s turning 22 this year) and that they key to success was following your dreams and never letting anyone tell you that you cant do something. 


He officially wrapped up his show with a hyped performance of “Something New” from his album Say Less


































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