April 13, 2018

 Photo: Ryan Maxwell


Vancouver, BC - Tuesday night at the Imperial in Vancouver became a visual demonstration of creativity from Jaden Smith and his MSFTS label during their Vancouver stop of the Vision Tour.


The Evening began with alternative and indie singer Tyler Cole, a member of the MSFTS who literally rocked-out on stage in front of the sold-out crowd. The 19 year-old was bouncing all over the stage as his own music took control of his body movements. He even hit a few (or six) split-jumps during his set. This helped create an amusing energy for the crowd to feed off while he displayed his range in vocals and even he busted out the guitar for a couple of his tracks. Tyler is all about the love as he stated on several occasions during his half-hour set, thanking the ticket buyers for giving him the opportunity to let him live out his dream. 


Than it was time for Jaden to display his talent. Well, many of his talents. Smith started his set off beautifully by presenting the intro tracks to from his album SYRE. The first four tracks from the project, “B”, “L”, “U”, and “E” tell a deep story about the process in which Jaden is able to create music though experience and inspiration. As noted on Rap Genius, the writing style and inspiration for “BLUE” came from the great William Shakespeare. The first 15-minute of his time on stage set the tone for the rest of the night. 


Jaden and his team presented their art in such a way that it had people mesmerized from the get go. The visuals were beyond spectacular and led to the crowd never losing attention to the stage. The attendees were about to witness more than just music. They were about to witness an experience they wouldn’t get from anyone else.


Jaden continued to go down the tracklist for SYRE and sounded seasoned behind the mic. The colourful performance also consisted of a boatload of emotion which helped create a somewhat intimate vibe within the Imperial. The tone changed as soon as tracks like “ICON” and “Batman” queued up and the crowd soaked in every second. Things spiced up half way through the performance as friend of the MSFTS Teo joined Jaden for three tracks and a showing of unreleased visuals he had been working on. 


It should also be pointed out that Jaden can dance. Yes, we’ve seen the viral moonwalk, but he has more tools in the cupboard when it comes to him breaking it down. This adds to what was already an overwhelming show that had so many elements on top of the music itself. He concluded the night with not one, not two, but three encore performances. The third paid homage to his father, “The Fresh Prince” as he proceeded to burst into the lyrics from the classic theme song.


I think it’s safe to say that many where surprised and overly content with what they were able to witness at the Vision Tour. Jaden showed off his will to create his own path through his art for himself and the rest of the MSFTS.  
























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