April 8, 2018


Cardi B solidified her universal glow up with the release of her debut album Invasion of Privacy on Thursday night. In less that 24 hours the album went  Gold thanks to previously released songs on “Bodak Yellow” (which was 5x multi platinum) and “Bartier Cardi” (which also went platinum). 


Cardi raps her life story on this album and gives us a glimpse into the thoughts and emotions of the beloved social media personality turned mega rap star. Cardi remains unapologetically and consistently herself throughout the whole album. She remains authentic to her Bronx roots and even showed us her connection to her Caribbean heritage with track "I Like It" featuring J Balvin and Bad Bunny. Chance the Rapper, Kehlani, the Migos and Sza were also featured on the album. 


This is sure to be the album of the summer. Expect to hear these tracks everywhere from the strip club, to every radio station, and even at your neighbourhood pharmacy. Find comfort in having your IG captions laid out for the next few months with no stress and no judgments because a Cardi caption always gets a W. We picked out the 10 best lines to up your IG caption game below.



1. Pussy so good I say my own name during sex - “I Do”


- Patiently save this caption for when you’re about to post the most fire pic you’ve every taken in your whole life.


2. And my bitches with me pretty, too, they look like bridesmaids. And they all bloody gang so don’t be talking sideways - “Money Bag”


- Use this caption for that pic of you and all your girls slaying.


3. Knock me down 9 times but I get up 10. Look myself in the mirror I say we gone win - “Get up 10”


- Share some motivation and positive vibes with this caption. 

4. Shorty said it's all hers why her thighs don’t match? - “She Bad”


- Where all you petty girls at? Use this caption to throw alllllllll the shade.

5. I could buy designer but this Fashion Nova fit all that... - “She Bad”


- Because you’ve already maxed our your credit cards on summer Fashion Nova 'fits so you better take some fire pics.

6. You even got me trippin’, you got me lookin’ in the mirror different thinkin’ I’m flawed because you inconsistent - “Be Careful”


- For those sentimental pictures when you're questioning your life and your decisions. 



7.  I think us bad bitches is a gift from God - “I Do” 


- The ultimate body pic caption.



8. Never did I change, never been ashamed. Never did I switch, story stayed the same - “Best Life” 


- Post a pic on the gram showing your glow up and use this caption. 



9. I’m a boss in a skirt. I’m a dog, I’m a flirt. - “She Bad


- Because babes are bosses and dogs too. 


10. I run this shit like cardio - “I Like It” 


- #gymlife #fitgirl #summerbody.




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