April 3, 2018


Photo: Zeekhan



Vancouver, BC - Thursday night at Fortune Sound Club became the place to be to start off the Easter long weekend as Denzel Curry and company entertained a hostile crowd during his Seasons Fest performance.


The night started off with Nala backed by DJ Donna Crooner gracing the stage with her contagious charisma. Nala has confidence, or what the kids are calling it these days, “sauce”. This asset of hers is easily noticeable as she turned a somewhat quiet crowd into controlled mass. This was only obtainable because of how RUDENANA carries herself when she’s in performance mode demanding attention with her sense of charm and most importantly her sound. The artist known for her unique vocals and singles such as “pourin” and “Sit Down” proved that she’s in this for the long haul. She took chances with her performances, bringing out local artist 2hunnit for a song and also while she also showcased a choreographed presentation to conclude the show that caused the crowd to demand an encore. A damn impressive set in front of the 19+ crowd for Nala and her team.


Follwing Nala, the crowd was being treated to an interesting set presented by JUELZ. A DJ who played everything from “Pick Up The Phone” to “Boom,Boom,Boom!!” by the Vengaboys. This was a rare sighting and risky to do for attendees who paid to see Denzel Curry. With that being said, it worked. JUELZ was also highly interactive with his audience as he stepped away from the booth several times to shower his listeners with H20.  It ultimately just added to the unique night of music being put on display for those enjoying their Thursday night.


The evening's main course was Florida native Denzel Curry who stepped on stage and orchestrated mosh-pit after mosh-pit during his set. It was a display of entertainment that not many could duplicate. Denzel, alongside his DJ the POSHstronaut (who should be noted as a very polished right-hand man for Curry), played a nonstop set that included hits “Ultimate”, “ULT” and “This life” that had the crowd throwing up the “U” and “3” signs for the duration of the night. 


Denzel proved that he is in-tune with what his crowd needed, and he delivered. A Curry show is a bucket list destination for anyone who enjoys hip-hop and notably mosh-pits.  









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