March 29, 2018

 Photo: Jacob Muschamp


Aminé hit Venue for an all-ages show last night on his Good For You Tour. To kick off the good vibes he instructed the crowd to respond with “I know” whenever he said “you’re beautiful” before leading into his single “Baba” with the crowd bumping to the beat. After “Veggies” the crowd went wild over his cover of TLC’s “No Scrubs”, where Aminé had everyone singing at the top of their lungs. This didn’t change during “Heebiejeebies” or “hero”, before he inquired about how many people in the audience had been pronouncing his name wrong.


After barreling through his hits including “Yellow”, “Turf” and “REDMERCEDES” Aminé brought attention to the patches on his pants - each one dedicated to a different city. He called a fan down from the balcony and asked the crowd what Vancouver is all about. After an overwhelming unanimous vote, “604 weed” was written.


Continuing with bangers “Wedding Crashers” and “Spice Girl” Aminé dropped an actual Spice Girls classic “Wannabe”. He teased with “Caroline” and after one verse had the entire crowd singing the whole song acapella, ending the show on a major high. 












































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