March 22, 2018


Photo: @mvschamp


Vancouver, BC - Is anything going to get in the way of KILLY? One of the fastest rising artists in music today brought his Canadian Tour alongside the Secret Sound Club to Venue Wednesday night and put on a perfect night of music for the attendees. KILLY fans came for a good night and left with an experience they’ll remember for quite some time.


The show began with Secret Sound Club's own SEGA orchestrating the crowd in such a way only that only he could conduct. The man with the Snorlax backpack created a frantic amount of energy inside of Venue with ease. Not to downplay the artistry from the Toronto native who is also known for his singles “OMG” and “Frozen” but his hypeman skill were second to none. His oozing charisma on stage was contagious as he rocked to “Gods Plan”, “Look Alive”, “Billy” and more. SEGA knew how to spark the masses up and lead the charge the right way as everyone awaited the arrival of KILLY.


With a sold-out crowd reaching a boiling point, it was time for the main event. The lights dropped, the instrumental for “Very Scary” began and then entered KILLY, running as he began his reign on stage. The 20-year-old behind the Surrender Your Soul EP captured the moment from the beginning and didn't let go once during his hour-long set. A set that featured staples such as “Doomsday”, “No Sad No Bad”, “No Romance”, “Deadtalks” and more. The Toronto artist (who once called Victoria home) was captivating to watch. He was lost in his own music as he literally surrendered his soul to his art. The way in which KILLY moved on stage made clear his endless supply of energy; a true artist letting his emotions take over while feeding off the crowd’s energy - which never seemed to fall of a tad bit.


KILLY put on a display that gave assurance to the fact that him and the Secret Sound Club are here to stay. There is no doubt that KILLY is more than a Soundcloud rapper with a short shelf life. He has the ability and most importantly the ambition to grow his art and adds value to a genre that may lack genuine substance. If you need clarification on the above, go see him perform live. Venue was home for a musical exhibition that was more than what the people in attendance bargained for.









































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