March 20, 2018

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Vancouver, BC - It was a memorable Monday night for music in Vancouver's Chinatown as Korean-American artist Dumbfoundead and company brought the Yikes Tour to Fortune Sound Club. 


In front of a packed crowd fiending for entertainment, opening act Manila Grey showcased how they’ve been working relentlessly on their craft. Neeko elevated the energy of the entire environment with his charisma, stage presence and sharpness on the mic. while Soliven countered that with his elegant, trap infused vocals. Their performance had Fortune wanting more than the four tracks they dropped ("Timezones", "Friends of Friends", "Eastbound" and "Youth Water"). 


North Carolina native and friend of Dumbfoundead, G Yamazawa, followed up by flipping the script and laying out bar after bar. Five minutes into his set was all it took for the crowd to realize that G had some serious pen game. He captivated the audience by delivering a 20-minute set that was full of political issues, jokes on his Japanese background and most importantly context from his life. The man who actually once travelled as a professional poet brought a unique blend of covers and originals to Fortune. The crowd was warmed up just right for the legend they paid to see.


Now the term legend isn’t at all an overstatement considering what Dumbfoundead has done for hip-hop. At first you may view that statement as a reach when comparing him to legends like the Drake and Mob Deep but in the eyes of some, there are many unique ways for an individual to accomplish such a status. Dumbfounded is among few who laid the groundwork for many aspiring Asian artists that are rising in hip-hop today. It's possible that names like Killy, Rich-Brian, Kevin Ape, Year Of The Ox and Anders could thank Dumb for paving the way for where they are today. Whether it be his part in the start up of 88rising or just the influence he had in the battle rap scene as one of the best to ever do it, The “Korean Jesus” has done work. A lot of work.


With that being said, the stage was set for the Los Angeles resident to leave his fans happy and he did just that. The crowd in attendance definitely got their money's worth. Dumb, who surprisingly at 32 still gets adequately nervous before shows, played the tracks off his newest EP Rocket Man while also catering to the crowd with many jokes; he seemingly enjoyed himself onstage as a stand-up comic and has a certain way of connecting with his audience on more than just his music.  Following his set, the crowd demanded Dumbfoundead come back for an encore and he did just that...but he didn’t come alone. He made sure to bring up Manila Grey and not just the duo, the whole entire team. It was a moment. A moment that the duo rightfully deserved after their quality opening performance and one that Vancouver surely won't forget.

























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