March 6, 2018

Releasing his second EP Twos, Toronto born and raised Anders can’t be held back. From his unique sound to his innovative visuals, he’s bound to make the charts. 


Whether you’re having a chill night, getting ready to go out or trying to get over your ex, Twos is the perfect album to calm you down. Riddled with sexual scenarios and drive it will set the mood for any situation. From themes of hard work, adjusting to the music industry and new/old loves this EP covers it all. 


Try using these captions when you really want to flex… 


 1. “I can never lose and I can never die” (Bad Guy)

- When you on the beach for that early summer vacay. 



 2. “Fell in love with money, all I needed was a taste” (Press It Up)

- Use this for the bomb 'fit post.


 3. “Take a look at where we came from and how far we came” (Press It Up)


- Need to show your high school friends where you at, this is the caption for that!


 4. “She choosin' up Because I hold it down” (Press It Up)


- For the picture with your boo or best gal 

 5. “I just pull up for that bag and once I get it, then I vanish” (Press It Up)


- Flex flex flex



6. “You take it all back 'cause you were wrong” (Take it Back)


- @ your ex



7. “I believed you were my angel Now you're dancing with the devil“ (I Don’t Want Your Love)


- For your pure and wholesome but still bad post.


 8. “I got a shooter that keeps my 6” (Why)


- For that picture with your A1.


 9. “Think I might take your girl without even tryin' to” (Why)


- Use this for your piercing selfie post .


 10. “Now she know what dealin' with the man feel like” (Why)


- For that iconic picture in the club.

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