March 4, 2018


 Photo: Jacob Muschamp


Vancouver, BC - The collective Shoreline Mafia kicked off their Off The Xtras Tour Saturday night for an all ages show inside of Venue and the group of four took advantage of a warmed up and enthusiastic crowd.  The quartet based out of Los Angeles added to the eventful environment full of mosh pits and more mosh pits while performing most, if not all, of their debut mix tape ShorelineDoThatShit.


The real take away from the night were the performances from the opening acts ACDATYOUNGN*GGA and 2hunnit. They delivered. They Impressed. They created a real spectacle.


AC, alongside hypeman and noted best friend drinkmorealoe, were able to energize a somewhat quiet crowd into a frantic union of people who were glued into what they were witnessing.  To do this is not an easy task but AC and aloe weren’t fazed, remained poised, professional and delivered a damn impressive performance providing evidence that the duo are becoming seasoned at their craft. The performance also featured a very excited 12-year-old fan making his way on stage because AC is for the people.


2hunnit was handed a disorderly storm of a crowd and was able to create even more energy from within Venue. A challenging task but not for the young artist who is damn impressive behind the mic. Smooth vocals, stimulating drops alongside an on-stage team as hype as they come catered to the audience in an impactful way.The audience was captivated by 2hunnit and his movement from start to finish.


Shoreline, lead by Fenix and Ohgeesy, a duo who became friends and noted business partners over their years of graffin’ around Los Angeles, lead the group who have been garnering a lot of media attention.  It’s been widely noted that they have a beef with Fox News, who have been on the group’s case for their portrayal of lean usage in their music. In typical Shoreline fashion, this hasn’t affected Fenix, Ohgeesy, Master Kato and Rob Vicious one bit. In fact, the Mafia perseveres by the motto of riding their own wave and not drowning by what is happening and being said outside of their art.


Both openers alongside Shoreline Mafia delivered and added to what became a complete night of quality music. An equal balance of being carefree but having an immense passion for their craft was evident and it provided real value for music fans in attendance. Overall, it was another high-energy driven night for hip-hop the city of Vancouver.


































































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