March 2, 2018

Nardwuar stops by The Vogue Theatre in Vancouver, BC, on Monday night to interview BROCKHAMPTON hours before the show for their Love Your Parents Tour. In the 22-minute interview Nardwuar doesn’t waste a second in getting to know to almost all 15 members, from the musicians to the backstage crew.


Nardwuar’s meticulous research has BROCKHAMPTON confused, ecstatic, and shocked. BROCKHAMPTON gush over Nardwuar, and speak out about their inspirations, and the beginning of BROCKHAMPTON.



1. It takes a very good beat to win over BROCKHAMPTON.


Nardwaur: What does it take to win over BROCKHAMPTON?

Jabar Manwa: A very good beat...I wasn’t initially a part of the group. And what happened was like... I was home, sad as hell...and I was like, damn, I missed my opportunity. So, I decided that I’d go home and make three of the hardest beats of my life. And then, Kevin [Abstract] texted me and we talked and he said, ‘Bro, you gotta be apart of BROCKHAMPTON’, and that’s what happened.


2. Kevin Abstract was on an Odd Future tape at age 15.


Kevin Abstract: Oh wow, yeah, it was Odd Future’s old fan forum. They put together a compilation of Odd Future songs and I happened to be on there when I was 15.


Listen to Kevin on Odd Future Unreleased Vol. 3, “Fool’s Gold” here.


3. The BROCKHAMPTON house is haunted.


Nardwaur: Who was in the BROCKHAMPTON house before you guys?

Romil Hemani: You know the story about the actress who won the Emmy and she supposedly lost her mind and there’s a ghost in the house now?...So, there was a Emmy at the house, and we asked the landlord, what’s up with the Emmy?...And he told us about this [actress] that used to live there and she just kinda went off the walls and, like, nobody lived in the house for six or eight months after her, and then we moved in.


4. Dom McLennon loves jazz music.


Dom McLennon: When I was making music with Jon [Nunez] at his house in Manchester, I had a friend who lived in the same apartment complex across the street. And his younger brother, Manny, put me onto a bunch of jazz music and one of the artists that stuck with me most was Wes Montgomery. I would just binge listen to this..and go to sleep listening to it everyday when I was like 19, 20, 21.


5. Kevin, Ameer, Merlyn and Romil met Nardwuar at SXSW in 2013.


Romil: Back in 2013, we were at SXSW, and it was Kevin, Ameer, Merlyn, and myself and I, and we met you. So this is like, really crazy.

Ameer: We met you outside a hotel and asked you about Kurt Cobain..and interviewing [him] for Nirvana.


6. Kevin Abstract was almost signed to a record label when he was 12.


Nardwuar: You were almost signed?

Kevin: Back then? Yes I was almost signed back then.

Nardwuar: To who?

Kevin Abstract: Uh, there was this..fuck, what was it called?

Ameer: Los Americanos.

Kevin Abstract: Crazy. I was 12 or 13.


7. Ashlan Grey, BROCKHAMPTON’s director of photography, discovered Kevin Abstract through YouTube.


Ashlan Grey: At the peak of my interest of [Jean-Michel] Basquiat, I was looking up abstract painters on Youtube. And so, I did this thing where I typed in [letters] A, B, C after abstract. When K came up, Kevin Abstract came up and he was the second to last suggestion. And I clicked on it, I saw his music video for Fool’s Gold, and I thought it was garbage.

Kevin: That’s true. True story.

Ashlan Grey: But then, I heard Rabbits by Ameer Vann and Kevin Abstract

Ameer Vann: He liked them bars, n***a. Mhm.

Ashlan: I loved it. And then after that I followed everybody on Twitter and I just bothered everybody.


8. BROCKHAMPTON were broke.


Nardwuar: What about Prince’s Liquor?

Ameer Vann: Yo, shout out to Prince’s Liquor, y’all fuckin’ kept me alive. I fuck with Prince’s Liquor...

Romil Hemani: Prince’s Liquor was this liquor store maybe like, 30 feet from our house in South Central. And it was where we’d all go everyday. We were all broke, so we’d go there to get snacks or ramen or whatever.


9. Kevin Abstract started focusing on music after his friend called his music taste ‘gay’. 


Kevin Abstract: When I was 13, I was listen to Computer Love [by Zapp], and my friend was like, ‘bro, why you always playing this gay shit in the car?’, and I got really sad, and I kinda cut him off for a little bit and started focusing on myself and music.


10. BROCKHAMPTON supports cuddling.


Nardwuar: What about at BROCKHAMPTON gigs? People can get belts, can people buy BROCKHAMPTON belts at the tour?

Roberto Ontinient: Better yet, they can buy BROCKHAMPTON blankets. We support cuddling - let it be known.



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