February 9, 2018


Photo via @martygrimes


Vancouver, BC - On Saturday night Fortune Sound Club had the honour of hosting Marty Grimes’ first ever headlining show with support from fellow Bay Area natives Dave Steezy and Wes Period.


The opening acts made the most of a scattered audience with captivating stage presence and charisma. Everyone was more than warmed up by the time Marty opened with “Fuxk It Up”, pausing to tell the crowd to put up middle fingers for all the people who tell us what we can’t do.


In between “Doin’ Thangs” and “Pacman” he blessed the crowd with a pizza, for they had by then been deemed family. One shot later with an order to “just be true and stay you”, Grimes continued with tracks  “Make it Back”, “Wishin’”, “Lose My Mind”. Finally closing with “SIKE!”, “Still Going”, and “Hell of a Night”, he left the stage, leaving behind him a boisterous energy and fully satiated crowd. 












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