April 17, 2017

It’s that time of year again! This past Thursday the annual Coachella Valley Music Festival kicked off in Indio California with over 100,000 in people attendance to see many big name hip-hop artists such as Travis Scott, Schoolboy Q, Gucci and the legendary Kendrick Lamar.


Coachella is known for bringing out some of the biggest celebrities in the entertainment game as both performers and spectators. It’s also known for featuring the craziest, greatest, and latest fashion trends. Some of these outfits definitely took an L… but one things for sure is you’ll never see anything like it anywhere else. 


This week we dedicate our Top 10 IG looks to festival fashion. Bodysuits, one-legged pants, and neon fringe were actually some of the nicer outfits worn over the weekend. Check out our list of What Your Favourite Stars We Wearing on IG This Week: Festival Edition below. 




1. @badgalriri


Caption: " I can't go home yet, cuz enough people ain't seen my outfit “


Riri definitely took the prize for best outfit at Coachella this weekend. She wore a full rhinestone covered body stocking with denim short shorts, a white graffitied Gucci tank top and square rhinestoned decorated Gucci sunglasses. The outfit was styled by Jahleel Weaver and was taken straight from Alessandro Michele’s Gucci Fall 2017 runway. She paired the outfit with a pair of her own Fenty x Puma platform sneaker boots. 




2. @benballer


Caption: @liluzivert goin crazy again. This time I made him a 100 carat VS diamond spiked choker "Uzi Vert" chain and a 55 carat black & white diamond Marilyn Manson pendant... This year has been insane. And this is in the top 3 piece I've ever made in my career and Uzi already has a piece in my top 5 as well.@IFANDCO IS THE ONLY SHOP making custom link chains with invisible locks! We're the only ones putting diamond baguettes as teeth inside custom pieces. Remember spaceships don't come equipped with rearview mirrors!
#LuvIsRage2 coming soon! 🤘🏼 #LILUZI #IFANDCO #MarilynManson #VVS #BlackDiamonds #DiamondBaguettes #CognacDiamonds #CustomJewelry #NOCVDs #GAMEOVER 💀


Lil Uzi took the stage wearing a brand new 55 carat black and white diamond Marilyn Manson chain designed by Ben Baller. Uzi wears the chain as an homage to Manson who is his  his greatest inspiration and the only person he follows on IG despite his own 2.9 million followers. 




3. @Indialove


Caption: @marlosizm 🍒✨


It was nip city for India at Coachella as she rocked various see-through bralettes at the festival. This outfit was styled by Marlosizm and The Simple Life and features the model in a completely see through shirt with pink trim and blue cherries with yellow stems as the design. She also wears 3/4 length high waisted dark wash denim jeans with ripped and flare bottoms and 70’s style flower power open toed square healed shoes.



4. @sza


Caption: 🌸


Sza looked like she stepped out a festival edition of Urban Outfitters magazine over the weekend. She pairs a basic pink cotton sports bra with a grey body suit and black spandex shorts, black socks and classic white high top Converse All-Star sneakers. 




5. @Amberrose 


Caption: #Hoechella 😍


Amber Rose also decided to #freethenipple with this outfit featuring a full body, off-the-shoulder black mesh one piece with only black underwear underneath. 




6. @ryanadestiny 


Caption: 👊🏾👽 #fightinbackwithlove


Possibly the most notable outfit over the weekend, actress Ryan Destiny wears custom made (obviously) one-legged, light blue jeans with a thick black belt and a politically charged black body suit reading “Ready For TRUMOPOCALYPSE” in sparkly silver writing. The originality, comedy and importance of this outfit was a highlight of the festival.




7. @erykabadu


Caption: Coachella '17
Huguette Caland ( dress #4)  1974 HAMMER MUSEUM found by my friend Rene’ @rthshop


Badus festival fashion ensemble was a vintage frock made in 1974 by Huguette Caland. The dress was made in the image of a naked female body alive in the 70s-80s era. She paired the startling dress with a black top-hat and thick black rimmed glasses. 



8. @Camnewton


Caption: "į štâñd ØŪT į döñt ß1ËND įñ; whëñ į šâįd thât į MËÅNT 1T❗️" -FŪTŪRË
#iWmW -1OVE #šhįñëTHRŪthëŠHÅDË


Superman himself made an appearance at Coachella in all his Quarterback glory. He's seen sporting a matching floral button up shirt and shorts combo finished with a light coloured fedora, circular sunglasses and dozens of bracelets. Cam’s outfit sent Twitter into a frenzy as people compared his outfit from everything to “his mom's pyjamas” to “grandma’s couch pattern”.




9. @evamarcille 


Caption: 🌈 #coachella2017 ❤️✌🏽In honor of Coachella, enter promo code: Coachella to receive $25 off any purchase via www.firstaveeyewear.com ✌🏽Happy Coachella🌈


Eva Marcille takes a very festival like photo jumping high in the air while throwing up the peace sign. She wears a flower headband, a flowing dress designed by Seannita Parmer in collaboration with OTT Dubai clothing and sunglasses from Eva’s very own First Ave Eye Wear brand. She also rocks the brand new green Fenty x Puma bow slides. 




10. @kehlani 


Caption: hello day 2 I got Kendrick stuck in my head chella @kahhspence on da head per usshjjjj’


R&B singer khelani shows off her blue hair and bares all her tattoos with this coachella outfit. She wears a pale blue tube top with low rise white shorts and heavy black boots. 





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