March 31, 2017

In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club heavyweight producer Mike Will Made-It talks about mentoring Rae Sremmurd and their road to success, as well as how to stay relevant in the fast paced game and his musical inspirations. Instead of hearing the man say "Know what I'm saying" over 233 times in the half hour interview, we summed up the 10 best Q&A's below:



1.Charlemagne Tha God: Who inspires you? I've always wondered if theres a friendly competition between you and Metro Boomin? 

Mike Will: Man, Metro hard as hell. He inspires me everyday with that Bad and Bougie, thats like one of my favourite songs, I feel like that shit ain't ever gonna get old... We definitely shaking the game up right now... Everyone who's out there and putting out dope shit thats inspiration. Wonder, Pharrell, Kanye, Southside, Sonny Digital, Air Drummers, my whole team, Mustard. 


2. CTG: Is Miley working on another album?

MW: Yeah, she's working. But she's been so busy with the voice, so she's been working on stuff, she'll send me songs, I send her some stuff, but she hasn't locked all the way in. 


3.DJ ENVY: How do you stay so relevant still?

MW: It's all about consistency. Grinding hard, not forgetting what got you there... the thing that got you your first cheque is gonna get you your last cheque... I look at it like a sport. An athlete would look at it like you have to put them extra hours in the gym.... Whatever you put all you energy into is how you're gonna excel. 


4.CTG: You must be really proud of how well Rae Sremmurd is doing... 

They the most lit in the game, killing it every time. It's crazy to see because its not even about the haters, it's about the people, whenever the people don't catch onto it I don't I don't even look at them as haters, I look at them like they just don't get it. You can't expect everybody to understand and get your vision. 


5.CTG: Does Rae Sremmurd's behaviour ever scare you... does it ever feel like you feel like you've got to keep them in check like big brother like? 

MW: Man I'm always going to be like a big bro, but, Sremmlife they lit, you cant take no glory away from that. That energy way too positive, they changing the world with their positive energy, it's ill... Jimmy is like the greatest entertainer, Swae Lee is like the greatest songwriter. Thats why the group is so ill... The best of both worlds. 


6.Angela Yee: I'm sure doing commercials is a nice cheque?

Commercials is ill. I did this tobacco commercial two days ago... I like doing anything different.. I've been trying movie stuff. 


7.AY: You said you don't really go to clubs no more really, is it because you don't have time or? 
I've been doing to the club since I'm like 14. I'm 27 so it's like, I'm hearing loud music all the time. I go to the club, celebrate, catch a vibe sometimes, see everything that's going on, but I say that, but at the same time I go on tour with like Sremmurd or people come in on their tour, and we end up in the club. 


8.AY: Are you ever gonna rap?

MW: My boys are trying to get me to do it all the time... But voice notes, I got some hard voice notes. I don't like my voice. But yo, I ain't gonna lie, Kanye told me he didn't like his voice, that's what made him do 808's and Heartbreaks... He told me "that's why I put the autotune on that one." 


9.CTG: A lot of the beats you do is for the clubs, for the radio's, the party stuff, do you ever feel like you need to get with some artists who may do something more socially conscious, just to broaden it a little bit?

MW: Definitely, I got something coming this week. Someone that you know well, and I got two more on that project. I gotta go in and it's gotta be organic, if I run into you I'm ready to lock in with you and we can make a banger. But I like working with everyone that's a creative, and I would love to work with anyones that socially conscious. As a matter of fact I just dropped a song with Chance The Rapper and his brother on his last mixtape. 


10.AY: How difficult is it doing beats for all these people but then working on your own stuff, and you might have a banging ass beat but it's like do I put this on my album, or do I give this to Big Sean for his album (metaphorically), or how hard is it to make those decisions...

MW: I try not to go into the studio even thinking about it... If I'm going with Big Sean we might record like 5-6 songs, and then the song might end up working for him, or it might end up working for my project, depends on what time were gonna drop or what not...



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