February 10, 2017


Fresh off the release of his fourth studio album I DecidedBig Sean stopped by The Breakfast Club on February 9th. During the interview, he breaks down some of the key collaborations from the new album, including Migos and Eminem, as well as revealing his motivational tactics and spiritual beliefs. Here are 10 highlights from the interview.





1. What made you want to put Migos on Sacrifice, cause most artists would put Migos on a club record, you actually put them on a record that got some substance


Big Sean: I got love for the Migos. Anybody who keepin it raw, not really giving a fuck about what people are saying, just doing their thing, I got respect for. I remember when I met them they came to me saying, I remember Quavo talking about “Yo you one of the ones we look up to, you one of our OGs” and I’m sitting here like I’m probably two years older than you.


2. You had suicidal thoughts at one point?

BS: Yeah

What? You like one the happiest people I know man! One of the nicest people.

BS: Yeah but I go through real shit all the time. I wasn’t saying I was gonna do it but yeah I thought about it.

Q: What got you through that point?

BS: The things I talked about on the album, like God got me through that point, my family got me through that point, that unconditional love is more important than anything, that’s something money can’t buy.


3. On making personal music...

BS: I put my personal life on the record, and that’s just the commitment I made to my artistry because that’s what I always wanted. I always wanted to be a rapper, I always wanted to be an artist, and I always knew my potential, and I always felt like I wasn’t executing my full potential, and it’s just like that kept me hungry, that kept me always wanting to strive to be better, and part of that was laying it all out there. You can’t go halfway with anything.


4. It seems like you got kind of an underdog energy... 

BS: Lets not get it twisted. Every time I step into the booth, I feel like the best rapper, I feel like I’m the best at what I do. It’s 2017, its time for us to all feel like the best at what we do man, if you go into a job and feel like you’re not the best at what you do, what are you doing? What are you really even doing with your life? Doing it for a paycheque? That ain’t gonna last.


5. Did you think it would be an issue at all? [on Eminem’s verse]

BS: First of all we’re talking about Eminem. And on top of that, when I got the verse back, I thought it was refreshing, I feel like he brought a whole new style to his catalogue.


6. You seem very spiritual, have you been exploring that side of life more?

BS: Mhmm. It’s been a part of my life since before I got a record deal. That was what helped me get a record deal, you know the guidance my family was giving me especially me mom, you know me being frustrated feeling like I was at a brick wall, reading certain books, getting closer to god, being spiritual, and you know I’m not saying it from a preacher standpoint. I’m saying from a real standpoint, there are situations where I could have been dead, there’s been situations where things worked out like you can’t explain that. I got signed to my favourite artists, you can’t explain that. 


7. Did Ye listen to the album?

BS: Yeah, Ye was a part of the album… on songs like Owe Me, he said things like “Yo you should take part of your verse and make it the hook.” I mean yeah, exactly, And that made the song like ten times better for me. 


8. You and Metro Boomin got a dope ass chemistry too, did you actually work together or was it more like “pick these beats?”

BS: Nah we worked together, we made a lot of that stuff. Sacrifices that was one of the last sessions on the album, with Metro.


9. You said, “As soon as you stand still, everything else will.” Elaborate on that just a little...

BS: Once you stand still so will everything else, you know this. You gotta stay motivated out here whatever you doing. If you’re not doing anything that motivates you, the fuck are you doing? For me, my motivation comes from doing what I love to do. So I’m a keep going at it I’m a keep moving at it, I’m a keep climbing higher and higher cause that’s my choice. And when you stand still, how can you expect to move?


10. If people start saying “Big Sean is the best,” how do you think that will effect your music? Cause you have sort of an underdog angle...

BS: I don’t let anything effect my music. I don’t let people opinions… that’s one of the things in them books that we be reading, you can’t let the bad or the good effect what you’re doing because… never take offence. And never assume. If that’s what they say that’s what they say but I’m a still keep focused, I’m a still stay hungry and keep on doing my thing. 




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