March 24, 2017

Trey Songz has been swerving in and out of the public eye in the last few years, and seems quite fed up with drama involved around the rap game. Throughout his recent Breakfast Club interview he stays humble and honest about a lot of issues going on in his life like the Nicki Minaj/Meek Mill Drama, his personal relationship troubles with Drake, and making music for the moment with his own vibe.


His new album Tremaine includes some new bangers and mix of his old works that finally made it into an album. Find the top 10 Q&A's from Trey Songz on The Breakfast Club below. 


1. What about the picture of you and Meek Mill, a lot of people were saying Meek was using you as a pawn...

TS: Thats crazy, first of all nobody ever use me as a pawn... I know Meek just like I know Drake, I was the first person to put Meek on the stage in the arenas in Philadelphia... I was on Meek first album, on his mixtape. We had records together before him and Nicki were even considered to be a thing... So I was appalled that people would get together with Meek and do some kind of diss record against Nicki Minaj, I'm not even thinking about that in that respect... He came to the studio we made about 5 records and we didn't even talk about Nicki the whole time. I didn't think it was a good idea to take a picture and post it...The caliber of intelligence that people have is lower by the need and the want for drama. I think people look past reason and logic to see "oooh there's bullshit here". 


2. CTG: Whats this song 'Break For Love' about, because you ain't ever been in love to get a break from love...

TS: Charlemagne you ain't really know me like that... that ain't for you to see that's the problem with the last interview, y'all ain't hear shit I said. I'm not in love for nobody else to see or to prove or nobody to give a fuck about, that's for me. 


3. Angela Yee: What was the most fun video to make?

TS: I would definitely say 'Animals' or 'Be Loving It'... the thing about the whole 5 videos is it tells a story even from 'Nobody But You' even though it's a record tempo it explains how hard it is to be someone like myself and to think about contemplating to stay in a relationship.


4. CTG: How did you stumble upon Drake...

TS: I met Drake two years before 'So Far Gone'... I was living with my manager at the time, Delante, and Drake sought me out, he wanted to do a record with me and sent me a record. I liked the record and he was actually singing in the hook, and it was the first time that I had heard someone singing and rapping and I was a person trying to do that at that time, this was before 'Wonder Woman'. 


5. CTG: Do you feel like your music was more pure when you were closer to home?

TS: Definitely, I feel like I'm a different person now, I feel as though my music is still pure, back then I really feel like it wasn't a thing to me that I wanted to make 'smashes' .. but when you're that young and you see cats taking off, you're like "should I be doing what they're doing?" 


6. CTG: Trey ain't trying to fight nobody...

TS: I just think it's crazy people have all these beefs and nobody is doing nothing. Ya'll entertain it and put fire fuel into it and when nobody does nothing it cool, (CTG: but if they do you we calling em stupid), and then at the end of the day, everyone is doing something for somebody else, for people to see, then people see it and nobody cares about it. Then it's over. Live your life for you. 


7. CTG: I'm thinking because this album is called "Tremaine" it's your most personal album to date..

TS: The first thing I say on the album is "I've been stressed out"...


8. AY: They offered you a plead deal, but you didn't take it?

TS: I ain't supposed to talk about it, but I'm going to. I got charged with felonious assault on a police officer. They offered me a plead deal, of probation... (Silence) are you  not smart enough to understand what that means?... I didn't touch nobody, so why would I say that I did?


9. CTG: I see you're still working with Rico Love a lot on this project it seems like...

TS: Rico is my guy. We did "Heart Attack" a big record in my career a couple of years back, and we just remained friends outside of that music, for us to write that record was dope, because we have a relationship where as though we talk about more than music, we talk about what it is, being out, being at a certain age, he's a great songwriter producer, so he pulled from conversations we has and asked "well, what about this concept?" (speaking about new song, "Playboy").  


10. AY: What about where you came from, before people knew who you were? 

TS: Around the time of my 3rd album, I had a realization that I wanted to, you know, I was the only cat out here RnB and thuggin, that was dope, R Kelly then it was me. 


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