January 13, 2017


Ed Sheeran visits The Breakfast Club for a short interview during a press run in New York City. Sheeran's sass comes alive where he throws shade by saying “Can't make it on my looks so no I don't have a ghost writer" when asked if he did. ‘Divide’, his new album comes out March 3rd, in which it includes a rap intro and his own artwork as cover art. Charlamagne and DJ Envy tease Sheeran's Harry Potter/ Freddy Krueger look, where he responds with “it's Gucci”. Read the Top 10 things we learned from his interview below.




1. You took a year off to enjoy life?

Ed Sheeran: I’ve been to Japan, but for me Japan was like a Tokyo hotel. And I wanted to see the actual country. I went to Ghana, which was nice. I went to Iceland… When you tour you pretty much just see a hotel, a venue, and a bar. And you never really see the country.


2. Heres snippets from a rap…

ES: I was born inside a small town 

I lost that state of mind, 

leant to sing inside the lords house

but stopped at the age of nine, 

caught in the trappings of the industry, 

show me the locked doors

i'll find another use for the key

then you'll see


3. You lost weight?

ES: Yeah, I lost like 50 pounds. I doubled in size.  I got home and sweatpants were the only thing that fit. I thought everything had shrunk in the wash but it hadn’t… it was beer. I’m back on beer now because I’m fine but I cut out beer for a bit and started exercising so that was good.


4. You said you like to have conversations with people which I feel like its a lost art now…

ES:My brain just switched back on now, its weird. you know when you go to a bar and your mates late and you just pickup your phone and you just start going through instagram and thats like (generally) the done thing… Instagram’s only like 5-6 years old, you remember having a flip phone, and having to think when you're at a bar. 


5. Have you been watching whats going on here, politically in America?

ES: Yeah… but it’s not my country so I can’t comment. 


6. You took a year long break from social media?

ES: I still don't have a phone as well. I bought an iPad as well… one with roaming on it so you can get internet on the iPad, so I can do like a tweet, in the morning, one in the evening… then I would spend the whole day having conversations. 


7. Why do you use math symbols in your album?

ES: Because no one else does. If you see a divide symbol, you know its my record. if you see a multiply symbol, you know its my record… now days you have to do something that no one else does.


8. You did your own artwork?

ES: I painted the album artwork, which is something that i haven't done since I'm about 18. There was a massive spin machine and i just chucked paint at it, and made it. 


9. Do you think you're going to be the biggest musical act even if you take years off work? Do you think you're going to do that often?

ES: I think it was it was needed. I remember dropping a song before I took a year off and it was like such a lukewarm reaction… I have to take a break with the public they also need a break from me as well. You need to miss someone to want them to want to come back so i went away which could have been bad, it could have resulted in people just losing interest, but thankfully it's kind of a made people more excited. 


10. ES: The Breakfast Club is the only radio station to get me drunk…

Charlemagne: Yeah..  back in March. We got you. 

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