December 21, 2016

The highly anticipated album ‘Stoney’ by Post Malone was just released on December 9th and The Breakfast club had the pleasure of interviewing Post Malone only a few weeks after its release. Malone was only ready to discuss the music, no girl drama coming from Charlemagne as Malone’s girlfriend, Ashley, was behind the scenes.


1. You did hip hop because you like hip hop, but now you want to do country?


Post Malone: I want do country down the line. I’m still in a phase. I'm young, I'm making the music that I like to make, and I’m just having fun with it right now. Whenever I get into the studio, I don't say “Hey, I’m gonna make a hip-hop song”, or “Hey, I’m gonna play guitar on this song”. It’s just wherever the vibes take me.


2. Is it rough finding time for your girlfriend?


PM: “Its tough having a balance, between dedicating my life to music and dedicating time for Ashely, it’s tough, because you you want to get into the studio, you want to do as good music as you can, sometimes you're real busy.


3. What kind of artist do you consider yourself?


PM: I’m just an artist. Theres way too much ‘boxing’ of genres, I feel like you should be able to make the music that you like and if the fans like it then you know, dope, if they don’t, then you tired something new.


4. Why are you wearing church pants and cowboy boots?


PM: My ostrich boots… don’t worry, they're faux. I’m trying to get classy now, I was really inspired by Connor McGregor, you know he got the sauce.


5. Tell me your thoughts on the current government system?


PM: Our votes don’t count… I doest matter what I think, everyone has their own opinions.


6. How did you get the call to be on the Justin Bieber Tour?


PM: Whenever he invited me on tour I thought it was a joke… We were just in the studio recording, he was like “Come on tour”, thought it was a joke but the next day he says “Here are the dates, let’s do it.”


7. On Justin Bieber..


PM: He’s a genuine real guy, sweet guy, again misunderstood by everybody, everyone wants to jumps to conclusions and makes him look like he's out to something that he's not. 


8. On the album ‘Stoney’ coming late…


PM: That sucked. I feel like at that moment, I really let everybody down, they'd been waiting on an album for so long, but I’m happy that it’s out. I’m happy that it actually came out this year. I felt terrible letting everyone down.


9. On working in the studio with other artists compared to artists sending work over…


PM: Pharrell was super dope, but everything but Kehlani and 2 Chainz were in the studio with me (worked with Bieber, Pharell, and Quavo in the studio). I feel like you just get that connection, you feed off each others energy and the song is that much doper.


10. On an old video of him naked being leaked…


PM: Those were my ‘Chuck Norris action shorts’, it was me and my friend just f*cking around, he wasn't naked, I was the naked one. That’s my ‘Stone Cold shorts’ (Reference to wrestler Stone Cold Austin). I was just having fun, Im not a wrestler but… I was like just turned 17, in the middle of a transition, in a weird period where I just wanted to have fun and just be weird… I never planned to have anybody see something of mine so many times.



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