December 19, 2016



1. On Angela Yee trying to smash Gucci…


Gucci Mane: She tried… She was on my dick, I ain’t lying. She was texting me, saying what hotel you were at.


2. Working on songs with Drake…


GM: As of now we just recorded two songs since I’ve been out. Super hard. But as for as working on an album… He sent me some ideas and he sent me some, but it just ain’t the right time. He’s working on the ‘More Life’ album, my album dropped, so hopefully at the top of the year we can get on top of it.


3. What lead to the epiphany in realizing that in order to change your life, you've got to change your lifestyle?


GM: I’d been to jail but I ain’t even been to prison, and then when I do go to prison it’s a federal prison, a maximum security prison, and that ain’t the life you want to live. Just sitting there, with my own eyes, I realized I’m ready to change my whole life, I said I ain’t ever want to come back here. It was serious…When I was facing 35 years, and someone says were gonna give you 3 years, that was the time when I was like I appreciate that, I can manage that, let me change everything.


4. On girlfriends brining back old times as an argument…


GM: If you keep looking back you're gonna trip going forward. We ain’t worried about the past, were just focused on the future.


5. Used to be really close to Waka Flocka, you were like brothers, what happened?


GM: I ain’t talk to Waka in over 3 years… We just don't talk anymore, we went our separate ways. I’m happy for him, I wish him nothing but success, but the door closed for me, if I ain’t talk to you in 3 years there isn't any need for us to talk.


6. How did the death of Shawty Lo affect you…


GM: I happened the day that I got off of house arrest… I didn't even get a chance to see him, because he was a felon so he couldn't come to my house. So the day that I got off of house arrest, and the first time I flew to New-York but by the time I landed he had died… It was sad because he was one of my partners in the game, I ain’t got a lot of friends in the music game, but since we’d met, we’d became instant friends, not even just partners that was my real friend.


7. Working on albums compared to mix-tapes…


GM: A lot of the times I wasn't approaching it right. When I get to an album I get stiff, I get rigid. Instead when I'm doing a mixtape I’m free spirit, I’m just recording and recording. I’m working with my team, thats what the people want to hear thats what people love about it. But when you've got to put an album out 3-4 months from now… and I go and have sessions with these people, they're super talented, but we have no chemistry.


8. Are you more spiritual after time in prison?


GM: I feel like I’ve always been spiritual to a degree, but I think everyones got that level of spiritual, but I got more grateful and appreciative. I’ve got a career people would die for, I’ve got that opportunity people wish they had.. but I didn't care… If it wasn't about cash, then I didn’t care… I wasn’t seeing the big picture.


9. Did you tell them you were a different religion or something to get better food in prison?


GM: No, they put me in general population, with the killers and dealers, no love. But that’s what I needed to see. I don’t regret nothing, I ain’t even mad, I needed to see that.


10. Who’s next for new artists coming under your label in the new year?


GM: I’m realizing my label at the top of the year, I’m gonna start signing artists but I don’t have any signed right now. Ive got interests in a couple artists, but… no one I’m working with yet, but the top of the year I’m gonna sign some new artists.



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