November 28, 2016

The 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton gets a a special interview on her 69th birthday with The Breakfast Club Team. A very special guest, Stevie Wonder arrives in odd fashion but blesses America with some kind words. Hillary boosts her fans support from the hip hop nation and speaks about important issues she's addressing within her campaign.




1.   Clinton’s reach for success in politics as a woman…


“We don't think about women as leaders. What is the model you have? There aren’t very many! You can look at women around the world but we haven't had a woman president. It really is like making it up as you go.. learn from your mistakes, try and figure out the best way to go forward is.”


2. What would Bills “First Lady Passion Project” be?


“I’ve asked him to try and work on bringing more economic opportunity into places that have been left out… We have inter-cities, rural communities, Indian reservations, we have places in our country that really have just been forgotten.”


3. How can we improve police brutality relationships?


“Thats one of the highest priorities I've had throughout this campaign because you're right, it’s something we have to be honest about. We have to face up to systemic racism. We see it in jobs, we see it in education, we see it in housing, but let’s be really clear, it’s a big part of what were facing in the criminal justice system. African-American men get arrested, charged, convicted and incarcerated far more often and far longer doing the same thing that white men do. So for me that’s just fundamentally unfair of American values, so I'm going to do everything I can to restore trust and put back those bonds between the police and communities.”



4. Touching on mental health within the justice system of America…


“‘Were going to turn our sorrows into a strategy and our mourning into a movement’ and that’s what I want to see. People need to come together and listen respectfully. We need better police training, I think there should be national standards on the use of lethal force. I think one of the biggest problems we've got and the police tell me this, is most police don't know how to deal with mental health problems. And so we need better mental health response, I don't think the police even if we train them can be as good as phycologists… So we've got to have a more coherent, comprehensive approach, and that going to be one of my highest priorities.”


5. Using artists to promote her campaign….


“I’ve got Jay-Z doing a concert, I'm thrilled to have this support because I think one of the biggest jobs that I will face, assuming everything goes well, will be how are we going to heal all these divides? What Trump has done is to make it possible for people who have racist, sexist, all kinds of prejudices, to put them right out there. Now I'm not going to be able to change everyones thoughts, that’s something that can only happen by people working on themselves and held to a account, but what he's done is unleashed a lot of darkness and divide, and we have to look at it and say this is not acceptable.”


6. Do you take time to laugh at whats going on, did you see the SNL SKIT?


“I do. They're pretty funny don’t you think? I think they did a great job, it wasn't hard to make fun of those debates. Great job.”


7. Clinton sees the hip hop fashion meme’s: Are you a fan of Death Row Records?


“I think Death Row and other fashion sources have influenced my look. Truly.”


8.  Ladies Night Out…


“I went to Michelle’s (Obama) 50th birthday party and Beyonce preformed and that was great dancing. I love to dance, and when we were at the white house, since we've had a lot of dance parties.”


9. Stevie Wonder talks about his jacket, which says ‘1st woman president’ on the front, and ‘Hillary’ down on the arms…


Stevie Wonder: “One of my most recent concepts for design.. I want to wear what I believe…I’m exited to support someone that I've had such great love and respect for for years… Truth be told, we as men we have had our chance to work it out, it’s time to let a woman do it.”


10. Stevie Wonder’s kind words to the audience…


“Respecting ones ethnicity, or religious preference, on and on and on, if they have a disability, it’s not anything that has to do when we talk about democracy or equality. We cannot live in a place of fear. Fear is what puts dreams to sleep…First law and order comes from having respect for one another, you cant just have it one way… The power has to be in your desire to see everyone thrive.”




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