September 24, 2016

Rapper The Game gets grilled about the status of his relationships with other artists during the 45 minute interview in September: the Breakfast Club crew wouldn't let with dude breathe for a minute. Covering his issues with Meek Mill, reasons behind his new album ‘1992’, and some big talk about LA, here’s the top 10 things we learnt from this interview:



1. His power in Los Angeles…


“I ain’t been in Philly for like 8-9 years. Philly it’s not one of those towns where you’ve got to go through if you're a hip-hop artist. Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Atlanta, these are where the awards are, these are where the cats move out of their town and come live and do that. A lot of cats move into and live in LA. I can manipulate LA positively or negatively at my disposal when I want to. So it’s like, you live in LA, you gotta be in LA, you gotta come to

LA even if you don't live in LA. I don't ever gotta go to Philly, so I understand that if I'm in Philly I'm vulnerable, thats not my hood, thats not my area, I don't control it.”


2. Whats behind 1992…


“12 years old, first year I start gang banging man, same year as the LA riots… I was out there in it, it was devastating to the city but, as a 12 year old, we looked at it like free groceries. We was out there looting doing our thing, and also was on the basketball dream team, the olympic gold. A lot of things were just going on in 1992, and it was just a real, a real pivotal year for me in my life, and so I just wanted to go and put out some stories about the time frame of me being a kid in Compton.”


3.The luck of clearing samples…


“What happens with us is me and Wack (Wack 100), you know when they know we calling for the samples it gets a little bit easier to clear joints, cuz a lot of them joints don’t be getting cleared man.  We got them cleared that’s cool, I’m glad because I think everything had a sample on it… And it was joints that usually don’t get cleared at all, we got real lucky.”


4. What crosses the line in music, what’s considered off limits, too far?


“I think people kids are off limits at all times, kids are kids. Other than that no one. Nobody.”


5. The build up to the Meek Mill Diss…


“When I was writing it in the studio, I wrote it in New-York…I has all these feeling bubbling inside…When I wrote it I felt the feeling I had when I was writing 300 bars. So I knew it was gonna be something when I was done.”


6. Do album sales even matter?


“Don’t plug the album no more.. who cares. The label ain’t out here knuckling up, much love to LOS and E1 and all that, but I’m not that kind of cat. We talked about it but we ain’t gotta plug it again… Stop saying that I'm doing stuff for album sales cuz albums ain’t even selling like they were selling when we came into this game when I was selling 5-10 million. Albums sell $100,000… If my album sell one copy I don't care. I park my Lamborghini next to a Bentley truck, next to a Porsche, next to a Ghost, next to a Maybach, I'm not tripping. I get money from other places. I'm 26 years old, I'm comfortable I'm chilling.. da bags is here we good, y'all wanna eat?”


7.What happened between Meek and Game the night Sean Kingston gets robbed…


 “What happened was I seen him in the club, I hadn't seen him in awhile, he was on the house arrest thing, so I sent a bottle of Rosé over from me to him, as in welcome back, you know to freedom, just being able to move around. I had told him when I was over here, “Yo cats getting robbed out in LA”…So I told him just watch your back and all that and when you leave, don't wait till the club end, get out of there a little bit earlier, so he took my advice he did that and after that Sean Kingston got robbed. Cuz he’s (Meek) like one of those types of cats that see Sean Kingston that’s like an easy mark… We get out the club, 15 minutes later Kingston calls me says, “Bro that’s messed up you got me robbed, Meek said that you told him that cats was robbin' and that he should go and all of a sudden I get robbed and that’s messed up”. I said look. I ain’t get you robbed dawg, if you need help getting your jewelry back or you wanna ask some questions, i’ll help you…(Game calls Meek), Meek says man I ain’t tell that fat f*ck nothing.. So then I got them both on 3 way (call), Kingston saying you did tell me, Meek saying f*ck that…So I just hung up the phone, I don’t have time to argue with them so I let it go.”


8. Shots fired on vehicles linked to The Game in Miami…


“We don't have vehicles in Miami. We on tour busses, and we got car service provided by “Headliner Mike” to get us to and from whatever, they came through and shot up some cars that wasn't our cars, when we wasn't there… We was half way through Atlanta when we woke up to the news that ‘Games’ cars got shot out. It’s like media mixed with a bunch of crazy stuff.”


9. The reason behind having no features…


“It was just something for my fans. They often just wanna hear all Game and say we want you to do an album with no features, so just a fan thing.”


10. Heated cats creeping up in LA …


 “What cats need to stop thinking is that they're gonna come to LA with the powers that be on me. You ain’t calling flipping nobody on Game in LA it’s not happening…The LA politics is crazy.”





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