May 17, 2016

With his fourth studio album, VIEWS, dropping last month, Drake came out of his shell to do a range of interviews. One of them was with Vancouver's own Nardwuar. During the hour long interview in which Nardwuar gave Drake and 40 gifts ranging from original classic vinyls to bobble head figures, the 6 God covered topics from his relationship with back to back NBA MVP Steph Curry to the origins of the term "The 6".



1. On 'Back to Back'...


"Back To Back" was what it was. It was a reaction to somebody trying to challenge my integrity and that's pretty much what's gonna happen anytime that happens. It is what it is. I did what I had to do."


2. On working with Dr Dre. back in the day...


"We have a long history with Dr. Dre. We were blessed enough to be part of the Record One troops and we had our experience, being part of that. It was definitely nerve-wracking, we were young but we tried our best. We did what we did. [Laughs] I don't know if anyone's tracks ever surfaced but there was a lot of music back then and I got to work with Snoop Dogg in that time. I got to work with a bunch of people. It was a big honor."


3. On the "Hotline Bling" sample...


"Timmy Thomas' 'Why Can't We Live Together,' this is what we sampled for 'Hotline Bling.' This was such a great record. I actually discovered the sample, to be completely honest, after the fact so I really actually fell in love with the song after I heard the beat. It was almost like a daunting task at that point to even think of sampling this but it's an incredible song and such a great gift because this is actually in my top favorite songs, top 10 or 20 songs of all-time."


4. On his relationship with Golden State Warriors' Steph Curry


"He played one-on-one with his brother-in-law [at my house]. I played Steph in ping pong that night, too. Steph is like family to me. One of my best friends that works for me is Ayesha's cousin. Steph is married to Ayesha so we're all like family. To watch that guy play -- and he was playing in Prada dress shoes if I'm not mistaken, needless to say I don't think his brother-in-law scored at all ... And Steph's one of those guys if you have a basketball court in your backyard, he's gonna put up some shots because that's his life." - Drake


5. On a Beyonce record that didn't make Views


"We did a song that didn't make the album..."


6. On Kardinal Offishall...


"One of my fondest memories was walking through the Yorkdale Mall right by the Bay and the old Harry Rosen ... turning the corner and seeing this guy standing what looked like at the time 7'5'', fur Kangol and Adidas tracksuit. He was the biggest rapper in the city. I don't know who I was with but I turned to the person I was with and said, 'I'm gonna be bigger than that guy one day.'" ... He was, to me, larger than life in that mall. It wasn't an offensive thing, it was something to strive for. I wanted to be bigger than that because prior to that, we had seen him come out at Rock The Caribana with Jay Z and he had songs ringing off across the world. He was our guy. He was the first one to be a star boy from out here."


7. On meeting Yo Gotti...


"My cousin's boyfriend at the time was managing Yo Gotti so I was probably about 15 and I got to go to the house where they recorded at and they took me to the club. That was probably the most I'd ever seen with my two eyes of like, oh, this rap stuff really works. They looked like the richest guys in the world to me. I had never seen so many cars, so much jewelry, so much everything -- they just had the city locked down. That was actually at the time where I think they were butting heads with Three 6 but it was just an amazing time to be there. I got to witness all of it ... Yo Gotti showed me a lot about what's possible in your own city."


8. On 40's father, Donald Shebib...


"I can say he's a very wise man, somebody who's always there with gems for us along the way. He provides us with guidance. He's just an incredible guy, a genius, a great filmmaker."


9. On running into Three 6 Mafia when he was younger...


"I was a huge Three 6 fan. Again, a group of guys that were from somewhere that didn't have a sound and they created a sound. I'm a huge Juicy fan, a huge Paul fan. I really got to meet the guys later on in life but I'm a big Three 6 fan. Three 6 just had a whole movement, they had a bunch of artists popping up. They were doing something that hadn't been seen in Memphis, making money that had never been seen from rap in Memphis."


10. On the origins of the term "The 6"...


"Jimmy [Prime] definitely out there doing his thing. At the time, Oliver [North] and Jimmy were brainstorming about something and they had come up with the title together Views From The 6 and I had asked Oliver if I could use the title because I really liked the title. Oliver had come up with it but yeah I give all the credit to Jimmy. He was definitely part of that process, finding the right title for the album and obviously, that title birthed a whole movement for the city."



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